Australian born of Japanese heritage, Chris spent 10 years living in Japan before coming back to Sydney, his home town in 2009. Whilst he was there he found his Japanese other half and fell in love with the Japanese ways.

Chris started tattooing in Japan in 2006. He was always been fascinated with Japanese body arts (Irezumi) and dove into the deep end studying and learning as much as he could about Traditional Japanese arts. Chris is influenced by old Japanese paintings and woodblock prints (ukiyoe), Artist such as Kuniyoshi, Kyosai, Hokusai and also many of his friends in the art industry.

Chris started out sculpting and painting before he started tattooing and always loved art as a child. He spends most of his time drawing, polishing his drawing skills to assist in his creation of original designs. He is always looking for new things and ideas.

Chris is keen to consult and draw up any type of Japanese project big or small. He has a vast knowledge of Japanese mythology and symbology and can help guide you through your tattooing journey.

Licence No. 103528

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